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Dentist in Orland Park IL On Dental Definition

Patient education is an essential pillar of the overall treatment rendered by your dentist in Orland Park IL, Dr. Pape. He makes sure to spend time with every patient discussing what treatments are preferred and why, as well as what can be done outside of the office to keep oral health in check.


Unfortunately, sometimes specific technical or complex dental terminology may be used in these conversations…as these words are just part of our vernacular. We want you to know that we would never use any terms you don’t “get” to make you feel uncomfortable or to lose you in conversation at all. In the event we do drop a word like “edentulous” and you are there going “what?” inside your head- please stop and question us about this innocent misunderstanding.


We will always take the time to explain exactly what we mean if given the opportunity, but we do know that not every patient may feel comfortable asking questions or inquiring in person- and that is fine. To help you catch up on some dental lingo at your own pace, we have provided the following Dental Glossary that you can review: Click Here for More.


Regardless of you knowing your “temporomandibular” from your “occlusal surface”- keeping regularly scheduled appointments with your dentist in Orland Park IL is essential to your oral health. Schedule your next visit today by calling us at (708) 403-9848.