Dentist Orland Park, Palos Heights, Palos Park, Lockport Ways To Whiten

Palos Heights Dentist on Whitening Ways

Although your dentist near Palos Heights, Dr. Pape, is here to save your teeth when they go to the dark side with teeth whitening procedures, there are definitely ways for you to prevent or delay the color degradation from occurring. For your benefit, today we will discuss the Top 5 ways you can keep your pearly whites, well, white… and to resist staining overtime:


5) Just Say No: by quitting or lowering the amount you smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, you can be doing your teeth a world of wonders. Not only do these habits stain the teeth via dark pigments, tar and nicotine (amongst other ingredients)…but they also contribute to dehydration of the mouth. Without saliva production, our mouths lose a great deal of protection from harm.


4) Drink More H20: add more water to your diet to help battle the unfortunate effects of a lack of saliva. Water not only simulates saliva’s benefits, such as washing away staining and lingering food particles, but also helps in producing more of it, so your teeth stay protected, longer.


3) Make Wiser Dietary Choices: fruits and vegetables are some of the best things you can add to your diet for mouth health. A great majority of them not only give you enamel protecting vitamins and minerals in every bite, but more fiber-rich options, like celery and broccoli, can even scrub stains off of the teeth and polish them.


2) Lower Sugar Intake: although this can technically play into “making wiser dietary choices,” it is more reducing compared to adding a food to your diet. Take in less sugar and your enamel will stick around longer. The longer the enamel stays intact, the longer your teeth can be protected from stains, decay and disease.


1) Keep an At-Home Regimen: brush and floss at least twice daily for two minutes per session to upkeep the health of your mouth and to scrub away any potentially staining agents you may encounter.


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