Dentist Orland Park, Palos Heights, Palos Park, Lockport To Floss or Not To Floss?

Dentist in Palos Heights Favors Flossing

Your dentist in Palos Heights treats patients daily that suffer at the hands of gingivitis, gum disease, decay and much more. Most of these ailments can be directly attributed to a poor at-home oral health regimen and an unbalanced diet the patient chooses to adhere to. An overwhelming majority of not only these patients, but the public, in general, choose not to make flossing an everyday part of their at-home regimen and suffer the consequences.


By choosing not to floss your mouth, you are only cleaning about 65% of it. While the other 35% of the mouth can suffer directly as a result, other bodily illness are being connected to a lack of flossing as well.


First, starting with the mouth, a lack of flossing allows leftover food and beverage particles to cluster in those “hard to reach areas” between the teeth and at the gumline. Given time, these particles can build into bacteria, tartar and plaque which can cause enamel erosion, cavities, decay, and inflammation of the gums. Once the gums have become swollen, at the simplest touch they can start to bleed. This is an early indicator of a risk for periodontal (gum) disease. The only real way to prevent it? By flossing and brushing through the bleeding. Advanced periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss, jaw structure damage and even issues in the other bodily systems.


More than ever before, doctors are finding correlations between gum disease and such conditions as diabetes, heart disease, lung problems and more. The theory is that the bacteria in your mouth escapes in the un-flossed pockets of your gums into the bloodstream, where they can begin to wreak havoc. There they can begin clogging arteries, hardening, building up deposits and much more.


Now, not every patient who goes without flossing will have cardiac issues because of it. Your dentists in Palos Heights just thought it may be worth mentioning that for a few minutes a day with a simple piece of floss, you can add years to your life potentially.


So to floss or not to floss? It is not even a question.


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