Dentist Orland Park, Palos Heights, Palos Park, Lockport Saving More than Just Teeth

Dentist in Orland Park IL Wants to Protect Your Teeth and More!


A common misconception when it comes to dentists is that they only take care of your teeth. While that is their main focus, they can locate and help problems other than that. Everything that’s around your teeth is just as important because if that doesn’t stay healthy, then it’s difficult for your teeth to stay healthy, as well. Your Dentist in Orland Park IL gives you some information on what they can protect other than your chompers!


Starting with your mouth, if you don’t keep up with brushing and flossing with twice a day, it’s very easy to get periodontitis, or gum disease. The tissue on your gums is being destroyed from neglect and poor oral hygiene. If not properly taken care of, then it can lead to tooth loss, and even certain systematic diseases like diabetes.


You may be wondering how such a serious and lifelong health issue like diabetes is connected to gum disease. Surprisingly, the two go hand-in-hand! People with diabetes have a harder time breaking down and processing sugar because of their lack of insulin, which isn’t turning the sugar into energy as fast as it would with someone who doesn’t have diabetes. Since the sugar is essentially lingering, it’s causing excess inflammation in the mouth and can ruin your gums faster.


Keeping up with your oral health is extremely important. While parents make sure to take their children to their dental appointments twice a year, they don’t always do the same, which is causing these avoidable diseases to rise. Not only should everyone in the household brush twice a day, and even an extra one or two times after certain meals, but flossing and using the right mouth wash should also be part of this routine.


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