Dentist Orland Park, Palos Heights, Palos Park, Lockport Restorative Dentistry Options

Orland Park IL Dentist Provides Restorative Dentistry Options to Improve their Smile


Not everybody’s smile is perfect to them, for reasons of their own. Many people believe that this is the way they have to live while constantly being ashamed of their teeth. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case! Your Orland Park IL dentist is able to improve your smile by restorative dentistry. Below are the different procedures provided in our office that patients can choose from that would benefit their teeth the most.


Crowns & Bridges
Crowns are dental restorations that are placed over a tooth when other restoration options aren’t sufficient enough. Bridges, on the other hand, serves to replace a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. There are two types of bridges—one consisting of crowns being placed on either side of the missing tooth to connect the replacements, another consisting of the replacement tooth being attached to the teeth beside them with wing-like appendages. Patients have a choice if they want tooth-colored crowns and bridges or metal ones, which are usually stronger and wear-resistant.


Tooth Colored Fillings
Silver fillings used to be the only options at the dentist when a cavity was being taken care of. Now, there are tooth-colored fillings so patients aren’t embarrassed by their teeth if their fillings were noticeable. Silver fillings are no longer used and are now being replaced with a resin or tooth colored filling, which not only strengthens your teeth, but looks completely natural to the rest of your teeth that no one will notice the difference!


Inlays and Onlays
This restorative procedure is used to restore teeth that have been severely damaged by wear and tear of the teeth or decay. This is usually the best option for the surface teeth in the back of the mouth because they provide more strength than a regular filling and are more conservative. An inlay is made to fit your teeth and bonded tightly in place to protect the damaged tooth. An onlay is much like a crown that covers and protects the surface of the tooth where biting typically occurs. These don’t cover the entire tooth exactly like a crown but protects where teeth connect from biting to strengthen them.


If you’re interested in any of these restorative procedures, contact your Orland Park IL dentist to learn more by calling this number (708) 403-9848 or clicking here to request an appointment or consultation.