Dentist Orland Park, Palos Heights, Palos Park, Lockport Don't Avoid Toothaches

Your Palo Heights Dentist Stresses Importance of Addressing Dental Pain


It’s hard to ignore when your body is in pain. It’s trying to tell you something! When a patient needs any sort of medical attention, they should call their doctor as soon as possible to set up an appointment. If this is true, then how come toothaches are so often ignored? Well, a common misconception when it comes to toothaches is that, since the pain tends to fade away after a certain amount of time, patients believe that it’s nothing to worry about. But your Palo Heights dentist wants to break that idea and discuss why any dental aches or pains should be addressed immediately!


The most common reason that toothaches occur is due to decay. Without proper dental and oral care, tooth decay can easily show up at any time! This is also due to a lack of a healthy, proper diet. Every time you eat or drink something that’s particularly damaging to your teeth, the protective surface called the enamel is being weakened. Because of the high amount of sugar and acidity in a soda, it’s causing much more damage than meets the eye.


Make sure to monitor the amount of soda and other harmful food and drink items you consume and keep up with your at-home dental care at all times! Meanwhile, schedule an appointment with your Palo Heights dentist in order to further strengthen your smile by calling our office today at (708) 403-9848.