Dentist Orland Park, Palos Heights, Palos Park, Lockport Dangers of DIY Dentistry

Orland Park IL Dentist Wants Your Oral Health to be Protected


Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects can be fun to do alone, with a group of friends, or to share with the whole world! A lot of these projects are clever, fun, and easy. Unfortunately, one of the DIY trends that are catching on quickly involves dentistry, and that’s something that should not be done by anyone who isn’t a professional. Your Orland Park IL dentist wants you to know the serious dangers of this trend and why it’s much easier to make an appointment.


Whether it is expenses or perhaps pure laziness, people are taking up DIY dentistry faster than ever these days. Some other reasons for carrying out this trend is because people may have a drastic fear of going to the dentist, or their last experience was so horrible that they never want to go back. There are many different reasons for why people won’t schedule an appointment; there are very little positive reasons to attempt any procedure on your own.


When it comes to removing a tooth, there’s a high chance that you could disturb the rest of your teeth, along with your gums. There’s much more below the surface of a tooth and the reasons that professional dentists remove them are because they have the correct, advanced tools to safely do so. If you attempt to remove a tooth, you may end up damaging, breaking, or snapping off the surface of it, leaving the rest of it in your gums. This can do much more damage to the rest of your mouth if you leave a large, broken tooth inside.


A highly popular trend on the internet is people uploading their personal videos showing different ways to rearrange your teeth to make them straighter. Many of the videos contain people who use small rubber bands and leave them in their mouths overnight. They claim success, but many people don’t understand that this process can also change the actual shape of your teeth and not just the positioning. Also, these rubber bands can easily get caught and wedged in your gums, harming them. If it gets stuck, it could cause your teeth to fall out at the root.


While these personal procedures may work for a small amount of people, not everyone will have the same results because everyone has their own unique set of teeth. Unprofessional movement without the correct, cautious safety procedures cannot only ruin your teeth, but other nerves and muscles in your mouth as well.


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