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Orland Park IL Dentist On a Sweet Anomaly

A candy that helps fight cavities certainly sounds like an oxymoron- your Orland Park IL dentist is willing to accept that. Typically, anything labeled as a candy contains obscene amounts of sugar and/or acidic elements that can damage the teeth in a number of ways. And of course, by brushing, flossing, eating properly and drinking plenty of water – one can eliminate some of the bacteria that feed on the sugar in candy, that causes cavities. But the mouth is an environment all to its own and has a multitude of factors that lead to health or disorder.


Much like humans have learned to alter a land by adding or removing elements to or from it, much can be done in the way of the mouth. One of the ways that this can happen in particular is with licorice. And no, not the red chewy, sugary kind you may buy in long ropes…but real licorice root. This age-old root has ingredients in it that can alter the environment of the mouth- making it harder for cavity-causing bacteria to form.


So what does this have to do with a candy that can fight cavities? Well, one smart company has combined licorice root into a lollipop for kids! “LOLOZ” contain no sugar and can reduce the bacteria in the mouth that cause cavities, so your kids can have their candy and eat it too…so to say.


Find out more about how these revolutionary candies work by clicking here: More at Dentalbuzz.


Regardless of your diet or type of candy intake, regular appointments with your Orland Park IL dentist are essential in maintaining a healthy mouth. Schedule your next visit by calling (708) 403-9848 today!