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Orland Park IL Dentist Explains the Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth

Summer time is the most popular season for weddings, and even yours may be fast approaching. If you’re interested in shining bright for your perfect day, teeth whitening is a great way to start, and your Orland Park IL Dentist is the best place to start.


Teeth whitening has become extremely popular as well. Now, you’re able to obtain an over-the-counter whitening kit to take home and get done yourself! While some are better than others, they may not all guarantee the smile you want for your special event, especially it’s approaching faster and faster.


To get results that you want, your best bet is to get it done at a dental office.


You may be wondering why this is, since you can easily just do it yourself. Well, there are different things that a dentist can promise you that your take home kit might not. For one, your dentist can make your whitening fit you. Some of the over-the-counter ones do whiten your teeth, but it may not look comfortable to you or natural to others. Maybe they do too much, or too little. Either way, it just isn’t right and you know it. Your dentist, with all of the right tools and technology, can whiten your teeth that will match your skin tone and the kind of smile that you have.


Also, the take home whitening kits you buy at the drug stores can easily ruin or damage your gums because they’re sensitive. While the dental whitening is stronger, they can apply a gel that will protect your gums and enamel during the whitening so you won’t have that painful, burning sensation after you’re finished that won’t go away quite fast enough.


The dentist’s whitening is stronger, works faster, and lasts longer, which is everything that you want for your wedding day. If you’re interested in this service, contact your Orland Park IL Dentist at (708) 403-9848 to make an appointment today!